Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We didn't forget Grandma!

In my last several posts, you've seen a new key chain design for the grandpas and a new bracelet for Granny for Valentine's Day. Don't worry, Grandma! I was just waiting for my larger "bar" to come in for your key chain!
This is similar to my new bar necklace, but 5 mm wide instead of 3 mm. It makes a great custom key chain, and can also be made into a necklace. Here are the original bars, which you can get in my Etsy shop.

This is one of the most interesting custom necklaces I've made.
On another note, I have just about given up all hope. My little phone went missing THREE days ago. That means that the battery has now died, and if it sitting lost in a store or hiding in the house, I can't even call it because it goes straight to voice mail. It was the perfect phone - a little black flip phone with an "eye" that opens and closes on the back. It faithfully rang whenever someone called me. How can I go on without it? What if my friends want to meet us for dinner? What if Edwin calls to ask how my day is going? I feel so isolated.


Always Amy said...

I love your work. :) Very clever 'bar' idea.

I hope you find your phone!

susie said...

Grandma loves the new key chain! The qui-qui is on mark again.

Fate has spoken - time to get a new phone.

oliviao said...

I think an i-phone is in your future! Love Grandma's keychain!See you Friday.