Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Noe and Ben

This is Noe.
07-16-13 05 noe
She's two.
07-16-13 01 noe
This is Ben. Don't you love his heterochromia?
07-16-13 02 ben
Noe loves Ben.
07-16-13 03 ben noe
And Ben loves Noe.
07-16-13 06 noe ben

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Houston, we are HOME

Three years in Baltimore, four years in Berkeley. Now, we are HOME. Back to Houston! After 6 months of trying to secure our perfect house (apparently, banks want you to have jobs... in the city you are moving to), we finally closed.
Thanks to the seller who stuck it out with us for 6 months!
photo 4
The movers have come and gone, and boxes are mostly unpacked.
The kids started new camps
and our swimming pool has gotten TONS of use!
So stay tuned for LOTS of before and afters, lots of DIY projects, lots of spending time with family in our new HOUSE, and Happy 4th!