Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three of a Kind Thursday

For some reason Edwin thought we needed to be responsible humans and buy life insurance today. The guy came to our house to "discuss". Man, this was worse than buying a car! And they even need your blood.

I am mixing up Three of a Kind Thursday this time. I've included three pictures of the kids, BUT, out of their usual chronological order of Ronnie, Ben, and Lila. See if you can guess who's who, and no cheating! You can see their current pictures on the right sidebar, or in previous posts.

Baby Ostrin 1:

Baby Ostrin 2:

Baby Ostrin 3:

Leave your guess in the comments. Answer announced tomorrow!


susie said...

I know, I know! ..guess I'm disqualified being the grandma. Your baby production has been extraordinary!

arnieo said...

I am just a grandpa what would I know. I will take a guess though: Lila, Ronnie, Ben

krystyna81 said...

Well I do not know!!! But I love the concept...

Just stumbled on your blog link in the forums, and I am just giggling with anticipation the moment my custom necklace arrives! reading about you has made me even MORE delighted in my purchase already!

krystyna81 said...
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oliviao said...

My beautiful grandbabies - you guys sure know how to make them well!!