Saturday, February 28, 2009


At the last minute, we decided to go on a date night last night, so we booked a babysitter and took off. We saw Slumdog Millionaire, and I lo-o-OVED it! Loved the music, the story, the actors, everything. I also loved just GOING to a movie, which I have done about 2 times in the last 5 years.

After the movie, Edwin got a page from his friends for us to join them at a restaurant and bar. I sheepishly called the babysitter, who gave us permission. Of course, it took exactly 2 minutes before they were in deep discussion about the hospital, patients' conditions, the house staff, blah, blah, but we were able to eventually steer them away from that topic.

Finally, we adjourned, discharged the babysitter and crashed. A whole 5 hours until little people crawled into bed and demanded chocolate milk.

And they say couples should have a date night every week! Who has energy for that!

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susie said...

Glad you got to have some grown up fun. A monthly necessity for sure.