Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday-Like Tuesday

I hate it when there is no mail on Mondays (although I am sure my mom is happy to have a day off from the bank!). I had 4 supply packages in the mail today, one of them being my long awaited new sterling discs with gold rims that I had specially made for me. What do you think, gold or silver chain? In either case, are they awesome or what?

If you are wondering what the other three packages were, they included 100 copper jump rings, 10 3/4" stainless steel split rings, 30 sterling silver puffy hearts, 15 15mm sterling silver discs, and 3 sterling dog tags.

Ben was so excited to see his little bald head from Granny grew hair. Man, these things sprouted like crazy!

We trimmed Ben's up and Ronnie gave hers an up-do.


susie said...

Good news for you - there will not be another 'No mail Monday' until May 25.
The gold chain complements well.

oliviao said...

The little heads are so cute - glad Ronnie and Ben are enjoying them. They sure grew quickly!