Monday, January 14, 2013

Worker's hands

Noe helped me with a little project this weekend.
01-13-13 04 painting
My local Urban Outfitters was selling a mannequin for just $25. I picked it up for a friend who also makes jewelry, only to find a giant stain under the neck (where the price was conveniently pinned on). I set it aside for a garage sale until this weekend. In a crafty moment, I purchased some white and black fabric paint.
01-13-13 01 painting
Noe went to it. Lila and Ben helped, too, and we painted the body white.
01-13-13 02 painting
Then, I used some rubber stamps and black fabric paint to put my name across the top.
druzy mannequin 01
So glad we could salvage that purchase! And isn't that a beautiful purple druzy gold necklace?