Wednesday, January 9, 2013

See the movie!

My current obsession is the MOVIE Les Miserables. As dignified adults, we are not supposed to like movies better than books or theater, but this time, it was way WAY better!

I've see the stage production a few times, from the cheapest farthest seats. At best, I could see people moving about the stage, but I couldn't see faces and couldn't really follow the characters very well. By "Drink with me" the stage was usually a blur. But this time, in the larger than life movie, everything was clear. Same music, same story, but better. It was flawless. In fact...
interesting man
I saw it TWICE over the holidays. And it was even better the second time. Gavroche... amazing! Eponine... perfect! Wow, all the detail I was missing. So seriously, go see it! I just might see it a third time. While I certainly wouldn't recommend the movie for kids, I have been playing the music non-stop at home (and doing my best to explain the story without scarring them). Ronnie and Lila have been singing "Castle on a cloud" and even Ben can't resist a little Jean Valjean.

After going on to Edwin about my current trials and tribulations in the lab, Edwin sent me this comic from PHDCOMICS.
Edwin always finds just the right interweb tidbit to cheer me up.

Excuse this post in which I stole all my pictures from the internet, EXCEPT the meme, which I made on quickmeme. Are memes the funniest thing or what? My personal favorite:

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