Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ring n things

I've been playing with all sorts of new ring styles. Pretty soon I'll be stacked up in rings on all of my fingers! Here is a stack of super skinny rustic rings I stamped with each of the kid's first and middle names.
Most excitingly, I've been trying to set stones in bezels! I've mostly succeeded with a garnet and moonstone, each soldered to a skinny band, and stacked with a 3mm Hebrew stamped ring and a twist ring on top.
I've got a few more styles to come, but I'll leave you with the cutest little ring I made for Ronnie. I also made one for Lila, who almost immediately lost it, so hers will wait. But Ronnie looks so mature with this little silver band!

1 comment:

oliviao said...

Beautiful! Especially love the bezel ones - all the rings I wear are bezelled (?)