Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Zoo

The zoo is always a good excuse to spend some time in nature on a beautiful day. While the kids were watching the animals, I was mostly watching the kids. Noe was having the best time ever. Her favorite animals were the giraffes.
01-22-13 15 zoo
01-22-13 22 zoo
Lila was being particularly agreeable and photogenic, but Ben's "misery gene" was acting up.
01-22-13 19 zoo
01-22-13 24 zoo
01-22-13 07 zoo
01-22-13 05 zoo
Ronnie was happily off an playing with her bff.
01-22-13 16 zoo
01-22-13 21 zoo
Fun times!

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oliviao said...

All adorable, even the misery gene!