Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three of a Kind Thursday

Time for the first installment of three of a kind thursday!

First, Ronnie used it.
Then, Ben used it.
And lastly, Lila used it.
Now, it is time to say bye to the boppy.

And HELLO to a new design! New key chain style added to my etsy shop today. Guess what the kids' favorite grandpa's are getting for Valentine's Day!


Creative Coquette said...

OMG! Those babies are way too adorable!

I love the keychain too, what an awesome gift those would make for any grandparent or parent!

Karrie said...

Great way to start off my morning..with babies! To cute. The key chains are perfect for a grandparent.

arnieo said...

I can't think of another Grandpa with a Ronnie, Ben, Lila and Carly - I can't wait

You are quite amazing - love the creativity of it all - see you next week