Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow day?

As a born and raised Houstonian, this whole "winter" idea is completely foreign to me.

I totally don't understand what this "snow" is all about, and Lila was with me on this one.

My only consolation is that this is our last winter to live in these frigid arctic like conditions.

Ronnie said she had a "really really really really really really" fun time!


Karrie said...

It is beautiful! This winter has been out of control all over. I live in the NorthEast and I can't get it with all the snow!We have been really spoiled over the past several yrs so this is supposed to be the norm for us. I can't stand it!! The good thing is the kids love it!

~ April ~ said...

You have such cute snow bunnies!! Looks like you guys enjoyed the snow. :)

I love your Etsy shop. :)

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