Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama in Baltimore

Today after a super fun play date for Ben and his friend, and then dropping Ronnie at her friend's birthday party, I shirked my parental responsibilities and took the light rail to Lexington Market. From there it was about 10 blocks (and 15 degrees!) to the War Memorial where Barack Obama was making a stop on the way to DC.

There were 40,000+ people and plenty of kids, but they all looked really cold, so I'm glad I left mine with Daddy.

everyone was excited

complete with secret service

plenty of bling

and, of course, Barack.


Leelinau said...

ooh, how lucky you are!!

Would love to have seen him.


Ivy said...


Almay Alday said...


bananaicecream said...

Very lucky indeed, Go Obama!

nunofakind said...

Exciting days ahead! At this busy time in your life, I have to tell you that you have been "tagged"!
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Hope that you have time to fit this in a future blog....

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