Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fuddrucker's Fun

Fuddrucker's has been one of our favorite family dinner places, whether it is here in California, back in Baltimore, or WAYYY back in Houston. Last night after some burgers and onion rings, we played a few rounds of air hockey.
04-24-13 04 fuddruckers
We never go to Fuddrucker's without reminding Ronnie of that fateful night 9 years ago. We were having dinner at Fuddrucker's when she decided she was ready to join us in this world. My OB-gyn said "pack it up and get to the hospital." I never did get to eat that meal.
04-24-13 02 fuddruckers
Edwin ate my "frings" in the labor and delivery room and Grandpa Terry got my burger. All I got was ice chips. And Ronnie :)
04-24-13 03 fuddruckers


oliviao said...

What an amazing night!! I remember your mom and I waited in the waiting room at 7.00 am and Arnie casually said he would come on the way to work...All our lives changed with that beautiful baby girl!! xxooxx

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