Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why did the chicken cross the road?

We live in a relatively urban area. I say this based on the fact that we can walk to 2 grocery stores, 23 coffee shops, and 48 restaurants from our house.

So WHY are there CHICKENS in our yard every day??
24 wk 01 chickens

It's actually pretty funny. Supposedly, they are pets of one of the homes across the street. They get out everyday, and come to peck around are garden. Somehow, they know to just peck at the weeds.

What's even funnier is that if these chickens had any idea what I did for a living, they would NOT be coming into my vicinity. . . and I don't mean chicken earrings.

The kids get a big kick out of our visitors, and I just hope the chickens know to look both ways before crossing, or we will come home to an ugly surprise some day!