Friday, August 12, 2011

Four of a Kind Friday!

Ok, this time it's a little game. And no cheating! Guess who is who. Answers will be given on Monday. And just a reminder, there is one picture of each little Ostrin: Ronnie (2003), Ben (2005), Lila (2008) and Noe (2011).
feet 4 of a kind


Anonymous said...

Lisa, you and Edwin have the most awesome kids! My Mom and I just love seeing all the photo's you post of them!
I'm saying :
C - Lila
B- Ben
A- Noe
D- Ronnie

susie said...

Ostrin pcking order:
D - Ben
C - Noe
A - Ronnie
B - Lila

susie said...

Trick question - A & B are the same baby?

oliviao said...

A - Lila
B- Noe
C - Ronnie and
D - Ben

But they are all made from a very similar pattern!!!

susie said...

Final answer:
A - Lila
B - Noe
C - Ronnie
D - Ben

oliviao said...

Where's the answer??Bet i got it right!!