Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Adventure

A little road trip down Highway 1 to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle. It would have been nice if someone told us Highway 1 was closed due to a landslide 20 miles before our destination! A 2 hour detour through a windy pass up and down a mountain to bypass the landslide and 6 carsick Ostrins later, we made it to San Simeon and had a fun time.

The Castle was well worth the trip. We were going through record breaking rain (for this time of year) and shrouded in heavy fog the whole time, which didn't make for great pictures, but made for a fun experience.

The gardens were well tended.
hearst garden

The architecture was lavish.
hearst pool

The rooms well appointed.
hearst rooms

Ponds, fountains and statues abounded.
hearst pond

And it was hard to resist taking a dip in this pool (or should I say bath).
hearst 146

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oliviao said...

Looks amazing!!