Friday, June 3, 2011

Littlest school girl

As of Wednesday, Noe is officially a school girl, which means I'm a working girl again.
14 wk 16 & 18 noe

I'm really happy with Noe's school and teachers, and it was comforting to walk in Wendesday morning to see all of her cubbies labeled and the teachers expecting her. She's gotten great reports this week, and hasn't complained at all about being there.

Wish I could say the same for me! I'm happy to be back at work and I have a lot of exciting projects going on. But I think it might take a while to get into a new routine with getting us all out the door in a timely and sane manner in the mornings. Plus, I miss getting to play with Noe all day! Back to the grind. . .

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oliviao said...

Happy schooldays, Noe!! lucky teachers to have you to play with all day!!