Monday, May 30, 2011

Wine and the Hora

I love Jewish weddings, especially when the band fires up Hava Negila and the bride and groom sit in their chairs for the Hora (one of the scariest moments of my wedding!). We went to a gorgeous wedding at a Napa winery yesterday. Noe and I were Edwin's dates, and Ronnie, Ben and Lila stayed with a babysitter.
14 wk 06 napa

I stepped away from the ceremony to walk with Noe for a few minutes, and saw the musician's cello case alone amongst the vineyards.

Noe got to spin around with the blushing bride.
14 wk 11 napa

The reception was really fun. Plenty of wine (lower left in the next picture), and Noe slept in her stroller like a baby during the dj's rendition of Earth, Wind and Fire (upper right).
14 wk 10 napa

When the rabbi said, "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li," I decided to make this for the bride.

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oliviao said...

Sounds like fun! And Noe and you looked so beautiful and Ed so handsome!