Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maker Faire

Today we headed out to the Maker Faire. This is the festival to hit if you like to MAKE things. It was a total madhouse, but Noe was a trooper and the kids loved it. ETSY had it's own exhibit (not to mention Lego, Klutz, and hundreds of others)!

Ben loved meeting R2D2s, who were wandering around the festival grounds, along with a huge electric giraffe, roaming cupcakes and steampunk cars.
13 wk 05 maker

There were freakish pieced together robots.
13 wk 06 maker

an electric forest,

And my favorite, ArcAttack!, playing the guitar with huge tesla coils.

And by the way, yesterday as I finished my post, there was in fact an earthquake! It was my first one to feel since we moved to the Bay Area. It was a 3.6 centered about 10 miles from us, and happened at 7:04, which makes me wonder how I posted that at 7:03...

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