Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A room for living

OK, with 113 of 142 boxes unpacked, I am ready to show off our new house. Here is our living room! Look at this great sitting area with an awesome view of the North Berkeley hills and a great new rug.

Hmmm, what could those little eyes be glued to?

And how cool is the office and reading area, complete with little birdies.

Next to come, the sweetest little baby room ever, only to be outdone by the coolest, longest, widest hallway you've ever seen!


susie said...

Verrry nice abode - I hope you all have 3 very happy years there!

egkrohn said...

Looks like a beautiful, BIGGER house!

oliviao said...

Looks wonderful - yummy house!Can't wait to see it.