Saturday, June 6, 2009

On the move

The movers are here, and we are out of here in a couple hours.

I'm embarrassed to say, but I just got the count from the movers, and we have. . . 142 boxes! That's crazy! Who needs that much stuff?


Chaotic Creations by Kristen said...

Gasp...142 BOXES??? OMG! Well at least it will be easier to unpack all of them! AND you got a good household cleansing in the process! Out with the with the new! Safe Travels Lisa!

oliviao said...

Well, I guess I was close - but no cigar!! See you all tomorrow!! Yaay!!Pity Ed not with you though!

Gary and Heather said...

Alright!! I was only 14 off, unless this is like the Price is Right and I bid over. I guess all those days of moving from my military brat years paid off in the guessing game. Good luck with the move. Let me know if you arrange for a dinner out with friends while passing through Houston!