Monday, March 30, 2009

Try explaining this!

Recently, I've found myself trying to explain some abstract things to Ronnie and Ben. I'm not sure they understood, but Lila seemed to get it (she did turn ONE, you know!).

First, on our way back from South Africa, we landed in Senegal for 1 1/2 hours. It happened to be 3 am on the 25th of March. I exaplained to Ronnie that she had just turned FIVE, but only in Africa, not at home yet!

This morning we were watching Sesame Street. Ben was wearing his Superman pajamas, and Christopher Reeve (post-accident) happened to come on with Elmo to do the alphabet. I tried to explain to Ben that that WAS Superman! Of course, he didn't believe me. Ben thought he was a robot, because of his breathing tube and wheelchair.

I guess I've got lots of years of trying to explaing things!

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susie said...

Not to worry - those kids are so bright they will be smarter than me in a couple years!