Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jim says it's ok

I stamp all sorts of phrases and names into jewelry. I never know what they mean, and I would never ask, but they are always inspirational - people showing off the names of their loved ones, great affirmations and motivating words. Here are some custom pieces that were shipped out today. Definite pick-me-ups!

Lucky horseshoe (in SOLID 14k gold!)

Patience, compassion, pure love and grace

Not sure about this one, but I love the camera, and the words are quite motivating!

Over a year ago, I got an order for an eternity ring that said, "Jim says it's ok." This was definitely one of my favorites! Whenever I am worried about something, I just say to myself, "Jim says it's ok."

Thanks, Jim, whoever you are!


oliviao said...

I love the new pieces - individual and interesting as well as pretty!!The stuff for Father's Day is pretty awesome too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces. My hubby is a Jim and when says it's OK, it's usually OK.