Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet our newest family addition

With a new house, new job, new schools, new everything, it seems fitting to get a new dog, too! Right? I've been researching dogs and scouring the Houston shelters for months. On my third visit to a shelter, this time BARC, I found HELEN.
Helen was happy and friendly, and looked like her name should be Berkeley, so I took her home! The shelter thought she was 11 weeks old, and a German Shephard mix. Here she is on the ride home.
I loved her brindle coloring and thought she would be great for the kids. Noe spent the first 3 days SHRIEKING in fear whenever Berkeley was near her. You can't imagine how bad I felt making Noe uncomfortable in her own home. I don't know what suddenly switched, but luckily, they are best buds now.
Like seriously, best buds.
07-28-13 02 crate
I hope Berkeley is happy with her new family!
07-23-13 02 berkeley
Party of seven...

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susie said...

Lucky mutt! Lucky Noe!