Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boys on BART

We hopped on the BART and took a ride under the Bay to Union Square this weekend. Riding the BART is a treat in itself for the kids. Edwin does it every day, but the rest of us only take it every few months.
02-16-13 01 sf
It was Noe's first BART ride. At first she was pretty scared of the loud noises and people shuffling about, but she got used to it and relaxed after a while.
02-16-13 02 sf
The best thing about taking the BART to Powell Street is walking out of the station to see the most humongous glorious Forever 21. Yes, FOREVER 21 thank you very much. Don't judge. Anyway, I wasn't the oldest one there.
02-16-13 03 sf
I suppose the cable car turnaround right there is pretty cool too, for tourist and all. But of course we live here, so I would never just stand there watching and taking pictures for 15 minutes :)
02-16-13 07 sf
After a little shopping, it's a short walk up to China Town. Always a feast for the eyes!
02-16-13 06 sf
02-16-13 04 sf
There was an impromptu new year's dragon dance that passed right in front of us on our way to the restaurant.
02-16-13 05 sf
Lila was less-than-thrilled when the three noisy dragons then parked themselves in front of the restaurant we were heading to, blocking our entrance (and hence, lunch) for about 20 minutes!
02-16-13 08 sf
Such a fun afternoon. I don't know why we don't head over to San Francisco more often. Maybe it's all the Girl Scout meetings, birthday parties, play dates... oh, yeah, that's why.

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Lovely day and people!