Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Renewed Faith in Humanity

Today was the standard back-to-school fare. Ronnie was front and center, ready for 3rd grade. Ben was nervous and apprehensive for 1st grade. I always wish I could help him channel his nervousness to excitement. Edwin tried his monkey dance and an oreo, and even that didn't help much.
school 2012
About an hour and a half after drop off, I realized I couldn't find my camera anywhere. In a desperate attempt, I drove by the spot where Edwin meets me with the car after we drop off the big kids, and sure enough...
08-29-12 03 camera
I wish I could thank the nice citizen who placed it out of sidewalk traffic, and everyone else who left it in place waiting for me! Not that I don't have my iPhone camera for emergencies and DSL for serious photos. But you gotta have the point and shoot for everything in between!

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