Friday, July 6, 2012

InstaFriday - Boots!

Today I had to submit an NIH grant application. Talk about difficult. And I don't mean the science, but the 30+ documents that need to be organized, uploaded, collated, etc. Luckily, I planned in advance for my new boots to arrive this evening in celebration of getting my grant submitted. I think they are the perfect combination of rustic and pink.
Noe thought so, too!
Funny, even being a pure Texan, I haven't owned boots since I was 10.
Don't you love how my 20-something year old photo was instragram-ized? And don't you love my mom's floral wall paper and yellow chair? Yay for cowboy boots! Linking up for InstaFriday!


glaudius said...

Good luck for your proposal. I hope NIH has a little more money than NSF.
Nice Boots

oliviao said...

Great boots - pic of you could be Ronnie!!Good luck for your grant...