Saturday, July 2, 2011

Land of Abundance

Perfect title, being that we are in Houston this week.

I just got these tiny pomegranate charms from Israel. I stamped this one with AHAVA (love in Hebrew). The pomegranate fruit (rimon in Hebrew), with its abundance of juicy seeds, has been regarded as a symbol of fertility for thousands of years.

It reminds me of when I was in Tzfat and I got fresh pressed pomegranate juice. That was some fibrous-y juice.

Speaking of abundance, here is my newest cluster necklace, that I have been wearing for weeks now. I've got a letter or disc for everyone in my family, each with its own style and personality.

I was very proud of my seasoned travelers on the flight to Houston yesterday. Ronnie handled herself so well when she set off the airport scanner 5 times and had all sorts of airport security surrounding her, all for a thin bangle she's been wearing for a year! She's been wearing it for a year because it won't fit over her hand any more. Edwin was not aware of that little fact, and quickly MADE it fit over her hand so we could clear security. She was a trouper, such a mature seven year old.

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