Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Castles and crests

Last week on the way to Tahoe, we stopped at the Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga (I know, not really on the way to Tahoe). You can guess which little knight enjoyed the castle (that's Master Ben). . . and which Mommy enjoyed the wine tasting.

So that finally gave me the inspiration to try making a crest out of pmc.

But even better is this sterling one I got my hands on!

If I can acquire some more blank sterling crests, I will definitely list them on Etsy so you can make your own family crest! Stay tuned. . .


Sarah said...

Hi Lisa! I found your blog through a search for solid gold stamped jewelry. I really love the look of your items, especially since you do solid gold charms(I don't wear much silver). Are you still making them for custom orders? If so, how much do you charge? I would love to have one with my daughter's name, "Anna Claire" on it. I am checking around for someone who makes them and it seems to be few and far between on who does custom solid gold ones. Thanks so much!

Sarah Caldwell

hollyzhobby said...

I love the pictures. What an amazing inspiration and a great idea for the crests.