Thursday, February 4, 2010

Out of Commission

After 4 years, my hard drive has CRASHED. GONE. Never to be seen again.

I know, I know, I should have backed up.

Don't worry, this won't affect my getting your orders out, and I can still get email, but for probably a couple days, I am going to be in mourning for losing a LOT of stuff, like everything.


AlyGatr said...

Oh...that bites :( Sorry! I think I'd have to just crawl in a corner and cry if that happened to me. Have you tried bringing it in to someone to see if it's really fried for good?

Anonymous said...

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oliviao said...

Oh, the photos! Do you still have them?? I have every one that you have ever sent me!!So at least if they are lost, I have some of them!

Anonymous said...

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