Saturday, October 17, 2009

PMC done right

So a couple months ago I attempted to make several PMC pieces. Much to my dismay, it was much trickier than I had anticipated, and decided I needed a little more help.

It all came together today. Thanks to a birthday gift from my mom, a day off to be with the kids from Edwin, and the help and guidance of an amazing artisan, Catherine Witherell, I made this pmc birdhouse in class today, complete with little birdies!

Don't expect to see any pmc pieces in my Etsy shop. I need a LOT more practice!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Keep up the great work and when you see Catherine, please tell her hi!



HappyDayArt! said...

Your birdhouse turned out so nicely Lisa! You are the best kind of student because you listened, asked great questions and got exactly what you wanted from class. We all had a really good day.

I'll be back to see where your practice takes you. Thank you for coming!


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