Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are the chances?

So I am in the basement hammering out over 75 names on jewelry and listening to my iTunes library of over 800 songs, primarily things like Britney, Christina, Natalie Merchant, Beth Orton, etc, with a few Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens thrown in. Well, the second I start to hammer the "D" in Desiree, what comes on but Neil Diamond's Desiree? Seriously, what are the chances?

That is almost as coincidental as when I was in Israel driving in Jerusalem, and my grandmother, who I didn't even know was IN Jerusalem, crossed right in front of my car at a red light!


pickleberries said...

OK, that was just bizarre! Those kinds of things happen and you just have to wonder whether or not we are all on marionette strings!?

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