Monday, February 23, 2009

Secrets. . .

You can now find me locally at a wonderful art workshop and shop in Reisterstown (a suburb of Baltimore). The shop is called Secrets on Main Street and it really is the next big secret!

The workshop is an awesome space with clouds, lights and plenty of crafts. The shop area features the owners own jewelry, as well as the other staffer's and local artist's wares. Besides jewelry, there is great home decor, purses and more.

I couldn't help booking Ronnie's fairy themed 5th birthday party here, and we looking forward to that on April 4th. To top it off, there is a supercute coffee shop beneath Secrets that reminded me of Austin coffeeshops from college. Mmmm, latte!


elsiee said...

sounds like a wonderful shop- congratulations!!

shannon said...

I'm sooo envious!